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An Introduction …

[heading]Jesse Heath
Lead Web Developer/Coordinator[/heading]

Jesse has over six years of experience building websites specifically using WordPress as a CMS as well as certified training in PHP & MySQL. Besides freelance web development, Jesse is a full-time marketing specialist maintaining customized point-of-sale projects daily as well as a Seminary student, husband, father and ordained minister.

Jesse lives with his wife Roberta, and their four daughters, in Enid, Oklahoma.



Specific Web Developing Skills

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Server-Side Scripting Languages (PHP)
  • Relational Database Management (mySQL)
  • Content Management Systems (WordPress)

[heading]Nick Waters
Project Marketing/Brand Coordinator[/heading]

In addition to collaborating with Heath Media Designs for over six years, Nick has experience as a marketing/brand manager for various small businesses and non-profits.

After graduating from The University of Oklahoma in 2004, Nick co-founded Ideas and Ink, LLC, a desktop publishing company in Oklahoma.

He is also known for his “30 Chick Flicks Challenge” which drew national and international attention in 2010.
Nick currently resides with his wife (the other half of the chick flick challenge) in Los Angeles.

[heading]Jaden Lemmon
Designer/Web Developer/Coordinator[/heading]

Jaden has had a long history in Design and Web Development. Since Elementary School, he has picked up and developed his skills Graphic Design, Web Design, and Video Editing. Now at age 19 Jaden has already worked with several small businesses and non-profits to develop graphics, videos, and websites to fit their needs.

Jaden currently works full time as a designer and web developer for a Technology School in Enid, OK. He maintains websites and coordinates various projects on a daily basis.




Specific Web Developing Skills

  • Skills
  • CSS
  • Adobe Design Suite
  • After Effects
  • CMS
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design

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