To tweet, or not to tweet?

What do 500-plus million people have in common online?

That’s the most recent number of active Twitter users identified (worldwide) as of April 2012. That also makes one of the 10-most-visited sites on the internet.

Not bad for a company launched in 2006, huh?

More impressive than the stats since the birth of the little blue bird though are the ways in which people use the medium to connect globally and locally.

As a personal Twitter user since June 2008, I have logged 22,535 tweets; that’s an average of over 15-tweets-per-day and that’s just for one account!

But those numbers are not as important to me as the memories they represent.

Using Twitter…

  • I’ve met complete strangers online and developed friendships offline; often within the same communities in which I’ve lived from Oklahoma to California.
  • I’ve discovered causes that influenced me to do more, do less, and sometimes do nothing.
  • I’ve archived memorable moments with family members through pictures.
  • I’ve also been offered jobs and helped clients connect with customers.

The question then it seems is not what to tweet, but instead why to tweet.

Understand that how I tweet has changed in the four years since I joined the social network. I share more photos now than I did two years ago and I also curate more information than I keep for myself.

I’ve also learned it’s acceptable to listen more and sometimes not tweet at all.

Why do you use Twitter?